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Participation Policies

Rules and regulations for all Wildfish families.


At Wildfish Theatre Company, we are not just creating excellent musical theatre performers, we are cultivating an experience for our students that will help them grow as leaders and learn important life lessons.  We want them to be successful in anything they choose to do, and many of the lessons learned while producing a show can be applied to everyday life and make them more successful people.

Some of these lessons are:

  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Respect & Consideration for Others
  • Self Reliance
  • Independence
  • Teamwork
  • Dedication
  • Confidence

We have set rules in place to help us teach these lessons, to allow us to do our jobs to the best of our ability, and to benefit the quality of the production at the end of the semester.

Our office phone number is 713-899-7595.  This phone goes directly into voice mail and you may leave a message.  We will return calls during our office hours OF 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.  If you call, we will attempt to get back to you as soon as possible, however please understand that it may take up to 24 hours.  Please do not contact us on our personal phones.  The BEST way to contact us if you are running late for a rehearsal, have an unexpected illness or something regarding the next day’s rehearsal or performance is to email [email protected]  as we do check the email before, during, and after rehearsal.

Please add [email protected] to your contacts.  If we send out an email, please read the email in its entirety.  Also, please refer to emails/website for answers before calling or emailing with a question to be sure the answer has not already been given. 

We have a very high standard of quality at Wildfish. Not only in the finished product of the show, but also in the experience throughout the semester for all students. Theatre and the rehearsal process are a unique team effort. In order to keep to our standards and allow us to do our jobs to the best of our ability we have a policy of NO ABSENCES. This means any foreseen circumstances in which your child would miss class, or have to leave early or arrive late.  It is distracting when students leave class early for other events, so we need to know plenty in advance.

This INCLUDES dress rehearsals and performances.  Each class is scheduled for 2 (sometimes 3 or 4 for certain classes) performances of their show and the show date/times have been set from the beginning and cannot be changed.  Also, you need to allow call time when figuring out your schedule.  Call time can be from ½ hour to 1 hour prior to the show – we do not know exactly when yet. 

The only valid absences are:

*Severe illness that is accompanied by fever and contagious.

*School obligation that counts as a grade and occurs during our class hours. Schools do not always tell students of these extra obligations until the week of, but if you know in advance you must notify us immediately. Having “too much homework” is not included in this.

Even with only these two exceptions, we will still have many absences. Kids get sick and school comes first.

We understand that these strict limitations do not work for everyone, and that is ok. Please consider if this works for your child’s schedule before signing them up for class. Perhaps if it doesn’t work this semester, it can work for another.

 During the production process, new material is covered at each rehearsal. Absences/tardiness/leaving early affects the entire cast.  We must be notified as far in advance as possible when a conflict arises.  When we know a student will be absent/tardy/leave early it allows us to do our best to adjust the rehearsal schedule accordingly.  Please understand that it is our job to consider the entire cast and production, and if your child is absent they may be staged out of a number or scene.  Sometimes a private lesson can be arranged to learn material missed.  We do not have time to go back and rework a scene with the whole cast to make up for one students absence.

We will always be willing to work with a student who has an excused absence if we can and if it is not too complicated for the rest of the class to stage him/her back in.  We have a limited amount of time.  We cannot spend 45 minutes of a class reworking something for one person.  45 minutes out of a 30 -45 hr rehearsal process is A LOT of time.  If we cannot put them back in it is certainly not a punishment.  We are as fair as we can be, but being fair is not the focus of this program, or theatre in general.

If your student will be late we need to be notified via email at [email protected]. Sometimes there is heavy traffic around our area, and we do understand that some kids are coming straight from school.

***Traffic in and around the Galleria area is heavy often, please always try to plan ahead and arrive promptly to pick your child up at the end of class.  If you arrive more than 5 minutes early, please DO NOT form a line around the shopping complex.  This has been a growing trend lately, and we have been notified by management on numerous occasions that is not allowed and against Fire Codes.  Park and then pull up when class is released.  There is plenty of parking in the lot during the semester class pick up times.

We DO NOT allow children to wait outside the building; please discuss this with your child.  We will also let the kids know they are not allowed to leave the building until they see you/your car. 

Those in grades PK-3 will not be released to wait upstairs.  You must pick up your PK-3 child downstairs.

Class Schedules/Show Times are on the calendar on our website at  Please refer to this for questions regarding rehearsal schedule.  If it is on the calendar, we have class.  If it is not, we do not.

The costumes for Upon a Star will be relatively simple.  The kids will wear all white.  Some will wear dresses, or pants, skirts, shorts, sweaters.  We will want everyone to look unique, even with the same color trend.  Legally Blonde and Spring Awakening will be more time consuming.  We may expect you to provide something, and we will let you know at least 4 weeks before they are required to have it.  Wildfish is really great with costumes. We appreciate your cooperation with providing the pieces that are too difficult to fit or share! 

We cannot get the costumes completed alone.  Often we call a work day to help organize, sew, glue, cut, and more.  We really do need the help!  Because Upon a Star is the easiest show, but has the most students, we will likely send work calls that will involve helping with another class show, like Legally Blonde.  Please help if you can!  It is the only way we can handle the volume of work.

In theatre you do not share an opinion on your costume - it is the costumer’s vision for the look of the show.  A “thank you” is always welcome.  Wildfish is really great with costuming, and we put a lot of time and money into making the show look good! 

Students should wear clothes that they can move in without worry.  Hair must be pulled out of the face for rehearsals.  They MUST wear shoes.  If your child is coming straight from school, be sure to pack a change of shoes or clothes if needed.

NO:      Short skirts, Flip-Flops, Crocs, Thong Sandals

Please be sure your child eats a meal or snack before class and DOES NOT ENTER THE BUILDING WITH FOOD.  Also, the concessions are NOT for the students.  The older kids have been taking them when on breaks and it’s not allowed.  It’s good to have snacks up there for emergencies, like staff working 10 hour days with no breaks so please help us reiterate to not take concessions!

NO GUM!!  It is dangerous to dance and sing with gum, and we often wind up with gum stuck to the under arm of the chairs. 

Students need to bring a water bottle labeled with their name to class.  We have a water dispenser they are welcome to refill with.  We cannot provide cups for 300.  If for some reason a child forgets their bottle we will have some cups for them to use.  Donations of plastic/paper cups are always appreciated!  Water bottles left behind will go in the refrigerator. 

Clothes will be hung up on the racks in the lobby dressing rooms, and snack/ water bottles will go on the bar or in the refrigerator.  We only keep lost in found through the semester, and then we take it to Salvation Army.

Students and Parents are expected to be gracious and respectful about our casting choices. Casting is always done with the success of each student in mind, and is not an easy task.  Please encourage and support your child throughout the process.  Our casting decisions are not up for discussion.  We put a great deal of time and thought into casting, keeping aware of how the students audition was and how they handled previous semesters.  We always have the best intentions for each individual child.  Trust us.  Just because your student may get a small role in the show does not mean he or she will be overlooked or not featured.  It has been the case many times at Wildfish that a child will have a smaller role one semester and a leading role the next!   Encourage your child to work very hard at the part they are given!  We also expect each student to treat their fellow students and the teachers with respect and courtesy at all times.

They will be writing down blocking and vocal notes, coming to rehearsal without your script is like showing up for class with no textbook!  If a script is left behind, they can look on with a class mate.  Sometimes we have extra scripts to borrow.  If a script is lost, just email [email protected] and ask for a digital copy to print.

Students are also encouraged to bring recording devices for music.  They can ONLY use them for music.  Phones and devices should be put away all class.

Once cast, students are expected to memorize material as soon as possible.  Some roles have large “line loads” and will require extensive outside study.  It should be treated like homework.  The general rule of theatre is once a scene or number has been staged, the actor is expected to be “off-book” when the scene is rehearsed again.  Please help your child memorize their lines just like you help them study for a test.

If you receive an email that is a general note to the whole class regarding memorization of lines- assume that it could be your child!  We do not always have the time to send individual emails out- especially when one problem is an issue with many students.

If a student does not learn their lines, it is possible that we will give them to another student who either already knows them or already knows their own lines very well.  This of course would only occur after giving the student warning or two- or three- and likely sending an email home.  We never want to take lines away from a child.  This is a last resort option that we must take for the sake of the show.  It is something that would only occur in the last month of class while we are in run-throughs.   

We ENCOURAGE students to take voice/acting/dancing technique lessons outside of our classes!  It will help improve their skills.  However, another teacher may not contradict or change our direction for the show/music in any way.

Use of electronic devices (iPads, Smart Phones, Laptops, iPods) is prohibited during class time – with the EXCEPTION of using it to record music or video blocking.

All show dates and times are set (unless we have specified otherwise.

We have an intimate space and tickets will be limited per student, per show.  It will depend on the size of the cast.  Each student gets 2 complimentary tickets to use at each performance.  Tickets will not be available for purchase until the week of your child’s performance, and also a half hour before the show at the door.  We use an online service for ticket sales, and a direct link to the site will be sent via email.  Likely you will get between 5-7 guests per show (this includes your comps.)  Plan accordingly.

Please share all ticket information with your guests so we do not receive a phone call from someone wanting to buy additional tickets.  There are many casts of the same shows and sometimes we don’t have the cast/show information readily available to assist in a phone sale.  Make sure guests know the date and time of your child’s particular show when they make their online purchase.

SHOW INFO- Hair, Call Times, Seats, Guest Etiquette
Emails regarding hair, call times, and what to bring or wear under your costume for the show will be sent in the weeks before the show.  Look for these emails and SAVE them so you do not have any questions later.

Volunteers are allowed to save one seat for themselves only.  Other than volunteer privilege, there is NO SEAT SAVING prior to performance. 

Please tell your guests to arrive NO EARLIER than 30 minutes prior to show.  Tickets will not be sold at the door before then.  Often we have shows back-to-back, so when many people are early it creates a problem.  We will not open house until 15 minutes before the show.  It gets hot in there!  You will thank us. 

There is no late seating!!  It is a small theater and there is one entrance (that we also use as an entrance for the actors.)  It is very distracting for the audience and performers when we seat latecomers.  If you have guests running late, please notify us.    

We are a family-friendly business, and we are happy to include young children in the audience.  However, please be sure that the children you are responsible for staying seated and do not talk or use cell phones during the performance.  If you have a young child that might make a lot of noise, please sit near the aisle by the exit door.  We do not want to distract the students or the parents watching the show.  All ages are welcome of course, please just be mindful of everyone’s experience during the show, especially the cast members.

Our priority is for the students to put on a show that they can be proud of!  The students come first!

We require parent help and participation to make the shows as professional and complete as possible.  Please come forward and let us know if you have sewing skills!

We could not function without the help of parent volunteers!  Please watch your email for volunteer opportunities.  We would love to see each parent of every child volunteer once for every semester - it does not have to be a big job, but we are very small-staffed and we appreciate all the help we get!

We often need help in costuming, shopping, t-shirts, props.  Some tasks involve running errands i.e.-picking up programs/toilet paper, helping with concessions and ticket sales, etc.  Generally, most help is needed during the week prior to and the week of performances, though we do have opportunities throughout the semester.  Thank you in advance!!!

We are always looking for opportunities for Wildfish students to give back to the community.  Whether using talents or time, we want to have opportunities for our students to participate in the Houston scene of giving back!!   Please let us know if you have an organization we can help with.  We are hoping to build a committee of parents to organize events like these!

Wildfish is gearing up for a capital campaign to raise money to move our space.  Our contract in this center expires at the end of 2020, so we are starting the process of planning our move.

Please help if you can. If you have connections to people in real estate, or want to be part of helping to plan the move, let us know!  We will be looking for a place to rent or buy, depending on costs and location.  It’s ideal to stay central!  We may see if we can get items donated like lumber, lights, mirrors, furniture; we will also need to raise money.  This place is guaranteed to flood again, so we are looking at our options immediately. 

It is against copyright laws to video any portion of the performance.  You will be allowed to take pictures (no flash).  If we find anything that we have produced on YouTube or Facebook we will immediately contact you to take it down.  If you were to be caught by the Rights holding houses it is up to a $20,000 fine.